Meet Chef Watson

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Photo: IBM

January 3, 2016

Roll aside, Rosie — looks like the Jetsons might have found another super helper.

A new version of the “Jeopardy”-winning supercomputer Watson is here, and this time, he’s going to help you make a tasty — and healthy — dinner. Continue reading “Meet Chef Watson”

A Heartfelt Sonata

Artist: Andy Warhol

January 16, 2015

Moonlight captured Beethoven’s heart, but it could have been his heart’s rhythm that affected his music.

According to a new study, Ludwig van Beethoven’s music could mirror the patterns of the composer’s own irregular heartbeat.  Continue reading “A Heartfelt Sonata”

Scientists Get News, Connect Online at

Online Journalism Review
Spring 2005

Andrew Zi and Alexander Pol were Ph.D. students in the Netherlands when they realized they felt isolated from their colleagues.

“We … felt a lack of scientific news websites for professional scientists,” said Zi.

So the duo created, an online scientific community where professional scientists and students can discuss their research and receive the latest news and information in their fields.

“Throughout this year PhysOrg has significantly grown to become a serious project,” Zi said. Continue reading “Scientists Get News, Connect Online at”