From Good Christians to Hustlers: Hollywood & Vine Intersect

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Photo: Diliff

Hollywood & Vine
July/August 2011

Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street was once the Mecca of show business. Today, this renowned intersection is often a more colorful and comedic scene than a glamorous one. On a typical evening, one might see a costumed superhero speaking to a homeless pedestrian about the Lakers, while a group of teenagers waltz into the Hollywood and Highland Mall, stepping over Marilyn Monroe’s star on the gloried Walk of Fame in the process. Continue reading “From Good Christians to Hustlers: Hollywood & Vine Intersect”


Site Provides ‘Spot-on’ Political Commentary

Online Journalism Review
Spring 2005

Chris Nolan, a San Francisco-based veteran political journalist and the founder of, began a political blog two years ago as a one-woman project.

“I just get tired of yelling at my TV set about the current state of politics,” Nolan said. “So I started screwing around with commentary online.”

After learning more about how inexpensive online blogging is in comparison with paper media, Nolan decided a year ago to invite other bloggers to create a political commentary website with a unique perspective.

“I realized that this doesn’t just have to be me,” she said. “I looked for people who have something to say and who can express themselves well.”

Thus, other writers were invited, and was born. Continue reading “Site Provides ‘Spot-on’ Political Commentary”

Scientists Get News, Connect Online at

Online Journalism Review
Spring 2005

Andrew Zi and Alexander Pol were Ph.D. students in the Netherlands when they realized they felt isolated from their colleagues.

“We … felt a lack of scientific news websites for professional scientists,” said Zi.

So the duo created, an online scientific community where professional scientists and students can discuss their research and receive the latest news and information in their fields.

“Throughout this year PhysOrg has significantly grown to become a serious project,” Zi said. Continue reading “Scientists Get News, Connect Online at”